5 Types of direct marketing

Direct marketing gives the opportunity to promote your products and services directly to pre-selected customers. “This form of marketing can also help you measure the appeal of your product and services in your marketplace”.  While direct marketing can be a vital tool for growing your business, it must be properly considered, and supported by good … Continued

Types of Customer Service.

The communication channel your customer uses is an important factor to consider in the process of identifying and resolving their needs. While your customers enjoy the provision of support services before, during and after purchase, it is obliging to breakdown the customer service channel and how each optimizes your team’s ability to fulfill their needs. … Continued

Why you need a website for your business.

In this day and age, organizations need constant interaction with customers, employees, and different stakeholders, so having a quality website and utilizing its range of operations could significantly help in achieving these objectives. This procedure can also serve as a one-stop solution for customers, an approach to attract potential customers from all over the world. … Continued

7 Types of business advertising.

Advertising plays a significant role in the introduction of your goods and services to the market. It’s a good measure to explore new markets, engage and stimulates people to patronize your business. The following are major ads medium for businesses: Online Advertising Television Ads Radio Ads Cinema Ads Product Placement Print Advertising Outdoor Advertising 1. … Continued

Are you speaking your customer’s language?

Communication helps you connect with your customers. For instance; when it comes to having a lasting impact while you meet their needs, it will be necessary to speak their language.  Every customer has a language they are most comfortable with, this can be their dialect, pidgin, standard, colloquial or vernacular. In spite of the language … Continued